Sunday, February 27, 2011

Caffeine craze

I was jacked on caffeine at work today. After drinking 1.5 cans of energy drinks, I was a Will Ferrel Jr. I could not stop being enthusiastic about giving out coupons and smiling at every customer. I scared an asian woman I rang up today because my manager reminded me that tomorrow was the 28th (when you are able to redeem the coupon) and I freaked out and practically yelled at her that she could find out the value as soon as tomorrow! It was fantastic. Also, the other day, drunkie Jordan cheered me up by showing me how to change Michelle's voice on the recording to a deep slow version of it. We laughed... and could not stop laughing. It's been a great weekend :) Here's some recipes I tried today! I'm proud, I gave two recipes I found through other bloggers a shot! (Oh she glows and The Edible Perspective...)

The Dessert Omelet...
Cinnamon, eggs, vanilla, soy milk, and fruit!

In the process...

I definitely need to get some good yogurt to top it off to help unify the flavors better :)

For dinner I tested an avocado pasta recipe. It wasn't as yummy as I had anticipated, but it was alright. I will definitely need to find a way to tweak it to make it better because I see potential in an avocado sauce pasta dish! :)
Avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, basil leaves, kosher salt, pepper...


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