Places I plan to see this summer:
Cedar point - may 2011
California - june/july 2011
Arizona - june/july 2011
Chicago - summer 2011
Toronto, Canada - summer 2011
Vancouver, Canada - summer 2011

Athletic goals:
130 pounds by April (6-7 more pounds to go!!)
Abs by end of May
Lifting weights 3x/wk and abs every thursday (until end of april)
(After april) Lift weights and abs 3x a wk til mid may.
(Starting midmay) Lift weights and abs 3x a wk and cardio twice a wk
(Starting June) Weights, abs, cardio three times a wk.
Sign up for a race with Danielle and train and attend this summer.

Jobshadowing goals:
Joel for the arts

Career goals:
Take photos with Danielle and make portfolios
Volunteer for the 5k and marathon race in GR