Saturday, February 12, 2011

&hearts Feb 14 bound...

Valentine's DAY is Monday.

Get it girrrrrrrrrrrrl.
Questions/thoughts on the Holiday itself:
1. Is it really appropriate to celebrate a hallmark holiday... when you're single?
No. Couples only conform to keep the sparks flowing...
When you're single the only sparks you should be concerned with are the ones on fourth of July. [FIREWORKS, PEOPLE!]
2. Why do we single women indulge in chocolate, on this holiday, like we'll never see chocolate ever again?
It must be that we're emotional during this time of year... much like we all are on our periods. And what is the first thing we grab for when we're bleeding a week straight?... yes... our old friend, Hershey's. But I'd prefer to be lonely, and without chocolate, than spend time with my friend Hershey and in turn gain new friends: thunder thighs and love handles...
3. When this holiday passes, will I still be wanting a - dare I say - boyfriend?
More than likely, yes. Day in and day out, all I want to do is snuggle up with a cute boy who's crazy about me. <3<3<3

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