Thursday, February 10, 2011

Addictive behavior: shopping maniac

My bra, jean, boot, and tanktop wadrobe all look much like this picture [my sweatshirt collection]. A complete rainbow. I have my sister, my mom, Express and Victoria's Secret to thank for that.
"Retail Therapy" is plenty justification for my past irresponsible spending behaviors. Retail has been my employer for 3(+) years now; and because of that, I continue to outgrow my closet!
Today, I considered my alternatives. 1. A trip to Playto's closet to give me more space. Consequence: Potential pocket book ruining decisions to refill the empty spots! 2. Keeping closet as is by holding onto clothing I no longer use. Consequence: It takes longer to get ready, but I always have extra clothes to lend to someone if a friend ever wishes to borrow something. In which case, I'd have something other than my brand new favorite shirt to offer. I can't decide.
4 or so years ago, who would've thought that a girl who hated to shop for clothes and shoes would ever amount to a level of high maintenance? But shhhhh... I'd never admit to something of that nature ;)

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