Sunday, February 13, 2011

You are your own best teacher

I stood in my boss' cute brown booties today because I left my flat ones at home. I stationed myself at fits. My feet began to experience some agony halfway through my shift when I couldn't help but stare at the men's side. There was a gentleman with his friend over by the underwear selection. I scanned him up and down noticing a few things: he wasn't wearing any makeup, he hadn't done a single thing to his hair, he probably gets laid close to every night or every other night; but then I stop to assess myself. I'm wearing makeup, I spent a good twenty minutes on my hair, I was wearing heels and a pushup bra, and I get laid once a year.

And then I started questioning why women strive to be something they're not. We want bigger boobs, we we buy pushup bras; we want longer eyelashes, so we purchase expensive mascara; we want thicker hair, so we tease the crap out of it or put in a 'bump it'; we want to be taller, so we wear heels. But even moerso, why do we continue to set higher stands for ourselves when men are clearly not doing so in the same fashion? Is it because of the men? Is it because of society? This is stupid. Each and every single woman out there is beautiful in her own way. And no one needs a man or society to tell them that. Happy Valentine's Day to all my fabulous ladies out there. <3

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