Monday, April 25, 2011


Here I am...
After my workout... gum + purple sports bra + favorite outfit +  lucky necklace

I'm not very sexy when it comes to winking...

on either side for that matter...

So I pull stupid faces to entertain myself & any readers I have...HA!

Playing with gum & taking pictures never gets boring


I'm really proud of myself though. After not having blogged for so long, I came to the realization that sugar and dairy are to blame for my breakouts! Even though I was losing weight, I needed to say goodbye to my cliff bars, dried fruit, and cheese in order to get an acne free complexion. :( But, I'm happy now! My face is clearer and I'm trying new spices and recipes! I've even brought bananas back into my diet because I decided that any fruit and vegetable is fair game... they're all natural, so who cares!!!!!

Just a heads up - I'm still on a blueberry pancake kick. I made them with banana this time! We don't have any plain greek yogurt, so I processed 1/2 cup oatmeal like normal, put in the egg, and then added mashed up banana! Although it cost me extra calories, it isn't dairy... and it adds to my daily fruit intake! Soo win win!

They were awesome and huuuuuuuge. It came to about 360 ish calories and then I topped it off with 50-100 calories worth of maple syrup. I was in heaven to say the least. Here's a picture. I was just way too proud of this moment to not show it off to the world. The top pancake outshined the rest. It MAY LOOK like I had a lot of syrup, but it was only 1-2 tablespoons at the most... promise? O:-) Honestly, I really have no idea how much syrup that is. It was delicious.

Here's a better view of the top pancake...

 Halfway through... it was a MONSTER.
My favorite breakfast is a protein shake now. I saw on someone's blog, can't recall which one, the idea of putting spinach into a shake. So most mornings I put 3 icecubes in the bottom of my cup, add two handfuls of spinach and then cut up about 3 strawberries. I add chocolate protein powder to the mix and then finish it off with a cup of almond milk. It literally tastes like a chocolate milkshake! Sooo gooood.
This is obviously my blueberry version of it. I didn't manage to find a picture of the strawberry one :(

Here's my new goal: posting good things about each day at the end of my blog post.
These are some recent ones that have accumulated over the past few days.

1. Sarah told me that she and her boyfriend think I'm pretty. It made me blush.
2. Abby contacted me to go running with her!
3. All my chemistry buddies and I now have exchanged facebooks/phone numbers/etc to keep in touch for the summer!
4. I've been working out and happy!
5. The weather is getting nicer.
6. Today was absolutely beautiful weather to work out in! Windy... and nice!
7. I wore my favorite outfit today. <3

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