Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cliff bars.

These come in all different flavors, but I'm obsessed. I'm literally in love. I ate two today, oooops. At least I can admit to my own mistakes, right?

Most times these run about 240-250 calories... at least the ones I own. They might be a little larger than this. But trust me, once you've tried one - you're immediately hooked.

I prefer both the crunchy peanut butter and chocolate chip ones to the rest. I've also tried the blueberry crisp kind too, but got sick of it quickly.

Try and enjoy my little treat snack :)

This morning I made a different type of oatmeal. Oatmeal has been a big craze for me recently. I added almond milk to the oatmeal, then vanilla extract, and then a small dose of this protein powder we have on hand. It's flavor is peanut butter. So I mixed them all together and topped it off with strawberries.
The lighting this morning in the kitchen was awful, so it doesn't look as good as it tasted, but believe me, it was worth it and stuck with me for the majority of the morning!!

My lunch today: Mac n' Cheese. Mmmmmmmmm=)
I was inspired by the mac and cheese recipe Oh She Glows had posted. The recipe called for butternut squash, paprika, cashews, italian seasoning... the list goes on. I'll add my recipe version later! It was pretty good, but I wish I had cut back on the amount of cashews I put in. It was extra fat and calories that were unnecessary for this dish. I did like it though! Two thumbs up! :)

Dinner: gourmet style.

Do not argue with me on this. This is gourmet and I'm very very proud to say I made this. I did use a recipe from a magazine, but nonetheless it looks professional and delicious! It was by far my most favorite dinner dish I've made. Ever. Definitely try this out! I'll post the recipe sooon!


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